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This is order of events for tonight’s fundraiser and appreciation ceremony. Listen out for the door prizes.


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The Anguilla Red Cross extends Season’s Greetings and sincere thanks to the Anguillian Community for your support and patronage throughout this year. We trained a record-breaking 240 individuals in Commercial Basic First Aid and we look forward to continuing to serve the Anguillian Community in the new year. We therefore extend a hearty thanks to all our Individual and Corporate sponsors, donors and partners who continue to contribute to moving the work of the Anguilla Red Cross forward.

Female wrapping another female's ankle.
Teacher’s Refreshing their First Aid Skills

We have also successfully partnered with Gender Affairs Anguilla and the Ministry of Social Development and Education, through the support of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), to host a Child Safeguarding Darkness to Light (D2L) training that was facilitated by our D2L Trainer, Ms. Jennyville Smith.  The session trained youth mentors with the Department of Youth and Culture, so they are better able to monitor and maintain the wellbeing of youth who they advise. We are proud to be associated with Gender Affairs Anguilla and look forward to forging ahead with new projects in the new year. Learn more here.

It is in that light that the British Red Cross, Anguilla Red Cross (ARC), members, volunteers and stakeholders invite you to join us in officially welcoming our new board of the Anguilla Red Cross. The Governing Committee (GC) of the Anguilla Red Cross ensures that we successfully work toward our vision and mission.

The GC upholds the core ethics and values of the Red Cross. It sets and reviews policies, maintains the organization’s financial integrity and evaluates its operations and effectiveness. Its role includes safeguarding the long-term reputation and assets of the Branch. The appointment of the following individuals to the Committee favors well for the branch as the following individuals are passionate, driven, and well-versed.  They will help to realign and reimagine the branch and help to further the Humanitarian Call in Anguilla and further afield. We therefore invite you to join us to welcome the leadership team to the Anguilla Red Cross. Click here to learn more about our GC

Location: Magic City
Time: 6:30pm
Dress: Semi-Formal

Gold Trohpy

ARC’s 2020 Awards Dinner

Happy people

Awards 2020

Patron and GC members

Humanitarian of the Year 2020

Volunteer of the year 2020

The British Red Cross, Anguilla Red Cross (ARC), Governing Committee, members, volunteers and stakeholders invite you to join us in officially welcoming our new Director, Mrs. Latoya Hobbs-Nurse.  Latoya emerged as the most successful candidate after an extensive search for a new Branch Director.  A dedicated member and volunteer Latoya embodies the values of the Anguilla Red Cross, she served in various capacities including but not limited to, Volunteer Coordinator, Disaster Response Volunteer and on the Governing Committee before filling the position of Interim Director of the Branch for the past year. 

Latoya Hobbs-Nurse

A proud mother of two (2), Latoya is committed to advancing the aims and objectives Branch and will be tasked to drive the core pillars of the new strategic plan which focuses on Emergency Management & Preparedness, Community Service and Organizational Development.  Latoya has the vision for a ‘reimaged ARC, for 2021 and beyond’. Mrs. Hobbs-Nurse’s brings a diverse set of skills and experience to the Anguilla Red Cross Including but limited to her Legal drafting, strong communication skills and leadership experience. We invite everyone to join the ARC in supporting Latoya and the dedicated staff and volunteers of the Anguilla Red Cross in making our Branch a true beacon in our society.

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Please see details on White Minibus here for your consideration.

Bids must be submitted on or before 4:00PM, Friday 5th Nov 2021

The Water Safety Instructor (WSI) course trains instructor candidates to teach all of the courses presented in the Swimming and Water Safety program to all age groups; all of the courses listed above, plus Learn-to-Swim Levels 4-6 and Adult Swim.

To find out more about Certification levels please view the Comparison chart below.

Download the WSI-BSI-Comparison-Chart here.

Download and the Recertification process here.

Instructor Trainers

Training registration form

Next Training date: 12th-15th August 2023

Basic Water Rescue Training

The Anguilla Red Cross (ARC) joins with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent movement to celebrate International Red Cross day on the 8th May 2021. In these unprecedented times, we are especially proud to recognize the work of our volunteers, stakeholders and partners who are on the frontline responding to the growing needs of communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Anguilla and around the world.

We therefore take this opportunity to show our collective gratitude and appreciation to all our volunteers who continue to answer the call for “Volunteerism” to provide hope and dignity amid despair.  Their continued dedication to the humanitarian call in support of our fundamental principles helps to solidify our commitment to ensuring that we remain committed and unified in the crisis.

On the 8th of May this year, though we are separated, we find ourselves closer than ever as we reimagine the call for Volunteerism (ARC Reimagined… 2021 and Beyond!). Since its establishment in 1943, with the help of its dedicated volunteer base, ARC has responded to every major disaster and has continued to demonstrate that we are united in our dedication to helping people in distress. The original intent of Henry Davison, one of the founding fathers of our organization founded in the aftermath of the 1918 flu pandemic, is still our intent of today: ‘‘We get together for the purpose of finding a way of contributing to the world the benefit of our experience with the purpose of coordinating the efforts of all of the National Societies of the world in the interest of mankind.’’

This year, thou we are witnessing an unprecedented time that is forcing all of us to adapt to new ways of volunteering and working together with our communities, we remain committed to continue to make a difference in people’s lives to comfort and show solidarity from afar, continuing to create social connections and develop a sense of belonging.

So as part of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, we celebrate every single person who continues to make the idea of the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement in Anguilla and around the globe a reality. We are committed to ensuring that no vulnerable person is left behind. We applaud all of our volunteers and we sound the alarm of solidarity and unity as we celebrate this day. Happy Red Cross and Red Crescent Day!

We invite you to join in this fight for humanity. Come Volunteer with the Anguilla Red Cross.

“Everyone can, in one way or another, each in their sphere and according to their strength, contribute to some extent to this good work.”

Henry Dunant

On Tuesday, April 20th, 2021 a “Recommissioning Ceremony” was held at the West End Community Development Centre to commemorate the official reopening of the West End Community Development Centre and the upgrading of the West End Hurricane Shelter to function as an Emergency shelter.
The Anguilla Red Cross (ARC) is pleased to have facilitated this process through the sponsorship of this initiative. ARC collaborated with the Department of Education and the Department of Youth and Culture to renovate the Centre to ensure that it was restored to full capacity thereby being able to serve the community of West End to ensure that they remain resilient.

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Bids are open for Auditing Services

The Anguilla Red Cross (ARC) is accepting proposals from professional audit firms to provide Audit services to our organization. A description of our organization, the services needed, and other pertinent information follows:

Background to ARC

The Anguilla Red Cross is a registered non-profit organization in Anguilla and a Branch of the British Red Cross. We have responded to every major disaster in Anguilla’s history for nearly a decade. With a 2019 turnover of 116k USD and a 2020 turnover of 180k USD, We provide Community Services through health fairs and Community Services, Commercial First Aid, the RC Boutique (Thrift shop reimagined), Payroll giving of notable mention. 

Services Required

Provision of external audit for the three calendar years, 2018, 2019 and 2020 which includes producing the Financial Statements including a full audit report for each year.

Proposal Guidance

Please submit a proposal either in written form or by an offer of presentation to by the 18th of May 2021. As guidance, the evaluation criteria are as follows, so please reference them in your proposal:

  • Industry experience– both in audit and any experience with not for profit clients
  • Approach and insights– please outline your approach to performing the audit and the outputs/analysis you expect to provide
  • Firm Resources- please state operational capacity and ability to perform audit during disruptive pandemic environment. Please state experience and typical engagement of proposed audit team. Please also provide an average or provisional duration to complete the work.
  • Fees- Please detail your fees. Please ensure this is your final offer.

Please submit all bids to  no later than the 18th May, 2021 utilising the Bid Form below as your cover page.

Bid Form

BIDDER’S NAME/Company Name:   
CONTACT PERSON: (If different to above) 

The Anguilla Red Cross is proud to announce the rebranding of its Thrift Shop which has now been renamed the RC Boutique. The rebranding of the Thrift Shop is one of several initiatives being undertaken by the Anguilla Red Cross to revolutionize the organization under theme “The Anguilla Red Cross Reimagined…2021 and Beyond”.

An unveiling ceremony was held on Friday, April 9th to officially present the RC Boutique and its public campaign to the general public. The ceremony commenced with remarks from the ARC Director, Mrs. Latoya Hobbs-Nurse followed by the presentation of the Communication and Fund-Raising Strategy by Programme Manager, Mr. Trevor Queeley. The programme continued with an Awards Ceremony where the most outstanding volunteers and individuals completing the CBPSS training were presented with certificates by Governing committee member and Lead of CBPSS, Mrs. Hyacinth Bradley. The ceremony concluded with a Vote of Thanks and the viewing of the newly revamped RC Boutique.

Improvements have been made to the RC Boutique to enhance the overall customer experience. The modifications include more aesthetically appealing décor, a spacious fitting room and a comfortable seating area to enhance the upscale experience of our valued customers.

The RC Boutique

The Boutique offers our customers bargains on a wide variety of new and gently used men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and shoes along with other items such as bags, fashion jewelry, books, baby items and more. Persons who are interested in donating new or gently used items can contact the store manager at 497-0406. The RC Boutique is located on bottom floor of the ARC building on the Rev. T. Raphael Lake Rd in the Quarter opposite the former NBA Building. It is open Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 12pm.

Visit our website at for more details on the work we do. All Proceeds from the boutique goes to support our programmes and activities in the communities. So, Donate Now!!! Help us to Help You!!