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Governing Board

The Governing Committee (GC) of the Anguilla Red Cross ensures that it works towards its vision and mission and vision.

The GC upholds the core ethos and values of the Red Cross. It sets and reviews policies, maintains the organization’s financial integrity and evaluates its operations and effectiveness. Its role includes safeguarding the long-term reputation and assets of the Branch and appointing the Director, who is responsible for the operational management of the organization.

Nominations are open until 28th March 2023

Complete the form below to nominate your GC representative for 2023.

AGM is set for 5th April 2023 and NEOC Building, The Valley 5:30pm

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Chair – Rayana Dowden. Elected 2021 (Chair in 2022) – Resigned 2022

Trustee – Hyacinth Bradley. Elected 2020 – CHAIR

Treasurer – Eva McClean. Elected 2021

Trustee (PRO)- Ricky Rouphine. Elected 2021

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Secretary – Dr. Ronya Foy Connor. Elected 2021- Resigned 2022

Trustee – Delano Mussington. Elected 2021 – Resigned 2022

The organisational structure of the Anguilla Red Cross