Disaster Risk Management Programme

Our disaster risk management programme helps communities to be more prepared and respond better when disasters strike. The program is split into four different parts: Disaster Response; Disaster Preparedness; Mitigation - Disaster Risk Reduction; Climate Change Adaptation.

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First Aid Training

The Anguilla Red Cross provides training in life-saving skills including water safety and CPR. Our trainers are skilled and competent; they have experience in the field and can answer all your questions. First Aid Manuals are also provided, giving you a resource to review whenever you need to refresh your mind. Courses include: Water Safety; FA Volunteers Dev. Training; Advance FA (EMR).

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Event First Aid

Our First Aiders are regularly on hand at community and sporting events, festivals and anywhere that large crowds gather. Our volunteers are well trained in performing First Aid and will ensure that persons receive treatment quickly for sudden illnesses or accidents.

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Community Services

The Anguilla Red Cross also provides several support services to our local communities including: Transport Services; Medical Loans; Health Fair; Psychosocial Support.

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Youth and Peer Education

Youths between the ages of 11 – 35 years have an opportunity to learn about the world of the Red Cross while developing life skills and life saving skills. They make meaningful contributions to the society through community cleanup activities and helping the elderly. Students also have an opportunity to gain Community Service hours, which is a requirement for their school education. Our range of youth services includes: School programme; Youth Camp; Violence Prevention; Peer Education.

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Fundraising and Support Services

Find real bargains in the comfort of our Red Cross Thrift Shop. You will find new and lightly used items to suit your style. Your donations and purchases help us support people in crisis. Contact us for more information.

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