May 6, 2021

Call for Auditing Services

Bids are open for Auditing Services

The Anguilla Red Cross (ARC) is accepting proposals from professional audit firms to provide Audit services to our organization. A description of our organization, the services needed, and other pertinent information follows:

Background to ARC

The Anguilla Red Cross is a registered non-profit organization in Anguilla and a Branch of the British Red Cross. We have responded to every major disaster in Anguilla’s history for nearly a decade. With a 2019 turnover of 116k USD and a 2020 turnover of 180k USD, We provide Community Services through health fairs and Community Services, Commercial First Aid, the RC Boutique (Thrift shop reimagined), Payroll giving of notable mention. 

Services Required

Provision of external audit for the three calendar years, 2018, 2019 and 2020 which includes producing the Financial Statements including a full audit report for each year.

Proposal Guidance

Please submit a proposal either in written form or by an offer of presentation to by the 18th of May 2021. As guidance, the evaluation criteria are as follows, so please reference them in your proposal:

  • Industry experience– both in audit and any experience with not for profit clients
  • Approach and insights– please outline your approach to performing the audit and the outputs/analysis you expect to provide
  • Firm Resources- please state operational capacity and ability to perform audit during disruptive pandemic environment. Please state experience and typical engagement of proposed audit team. Please also provide an average or provisional duration to complete the work.
  • Fees- Please detail your fees. Please ensure this is your final offer.

Please submit all bids to  no later than the 18th May, 2021 utilising the Bid Form below as your cover page.

Bid Form

BIDDER’S NAME/Company Name:   
CONTACT PERSON: (If different to above)