July 21, 2020



The Anguilla Red Cross (ARC) has been in existence since 1943. Our historical records show that we have responded to every major disaster in Anguilla’s history since that time in some way. Our first local committee was established in 1976 with Ms. Ruby V Carter as the president.  In 1976, the ARC became an overseas committee of the British Red Cross (BRC), subsequently becoming  an overseas branch. Prior to 1976 the ARC was a Branch of the St. Kitts Nevis Red Cross Society. The ARC supports those in need in the community, in particular in response to disasters.

The ARC was established in 2000 by an establishment agreement and registered as a non-profit organisation with the Financial Services Commission in Anguilla.  The ARC operated with an executive committee performing all functions both management and governance until 2011, when we obtained our first full-time member of staff; with financial support from the BRC. The BRC has supported the continued development of the branch and now a full General Committee overseas the affairs of the branch and a small staff attends to the daily operations.

While it continues to deliver training and certification in areas of first aid and CPR, water safety and community assessment to name a few, the branch has had its greatest opportunity to respond to disaster post hurricane Irma in 2017.  Through its collaboration with the Government of Anguilla and support of the BRC the branch has been able to deliver support in critical areas of need with the aid of its many volunteers.  With the ever changing winds of financial aid, economic development focus and demands for sustainability the branch has to take the lead in mapping out a path boarded by thoughts of sustainability, resilience and relevance.


The purpose of this request for Financial and Technical Assistance is to aid in the development of a five-year Strategic Plan for the Anguilla Red Cross (ARC), inclusive of a results-based management (RBM) system.


The scope of work is understood to cover all the activities necessary to accomplish the stated objectives. The main tasks/activities are as follows:

· Securing an appropriate Consultant

· Establishment of an agreed approach that should include but not be limited to:

  • Assessment of the current operations of the ARC in terms of staffing, visibility and services rendered, inclusive of membership utilisation and level of satisfaction of its services;
  • Analysis of stakeholder engagement in terms of identifying issues regarding Volunteer Retention and finding the most suitable partners to support ARC initiatives
  • Assessment of the impact of the political, economic, social and cultural environment on the Chamber and business sector; and

· Development of Strategic Plan

Based on the outcome of previous component, the Consultant will develop a Strategic Plan in collaboration with the ARC and key stakeholders towards the sustained and focused existence of the ARC incorporating the following:

  • Vision, Mission, Goal, Objectives and
  • Assessment of current operations (human, financial and services rendered).
  • Assessment of the Volunteers, business sector and other stakeholders.
  • Members’ and non-members’ needs and
  • Short, medium and long-term goals and
  • SWOT
  • Staffing capacity and skills set
  • Strategic
  • Key strategies and activities
  • Funding needs and opportunities, inclusive of a resource mobilisation
  • Implementation recommendation, inclusive of a results-based management (RBM) system.


Prepare and submit to the ARC Governing Committee, through the Director a final draft Report incorporating the Strategic Plan addressing items listed in section 3 above, inclusive of an abstract of approximately one (1) page embodying the main conclusions and giving essential information, which should be intelligible without reference to the Report itself. The Report must be submitted electronically to arcdirector@redcross.ai in Microsoft Word format within fifteen (15) working days of completing the assignment. The Report should be accompanied by a signed Invoice in the amount claimed by the Consultant in United States currency. The Invoice should include full banking instructions in order to facilitate wire transfer of funds by the ARC.


The assignment should not exceed a total of thirty (30) working days for the Consultant.

Application Process

Any party interested in filling the Technical Support of ARC’s Strategic Development position, should submit a proposal indicating:

  • The Process of Engagement
  • Timelines
  • Cost

Please submit proposals to us at chair@redcross.ai and info@redcross.ai. We can also be contacted at 264-497-0406.

Closing date: 3rd August, 2020