October 23, 2019

Press Release : Emergency Medical Response Training

The Anguilla Red Cross (ARC) continues to prepare for response to unforseen circumstances and disasters. The ARC is now adding an Emergency Medical Response (EMR) training to the list of recent spate of trainings.

One of the key roles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement throughout the world is to prepare for and respond to disasters when they occur, and to work with communities and individuals to help them build their resilience with the aim of achieving safer communities.

As the ARC continues to pursue this aim, we believe that it is imperative that our volunteers be adequately trained, in order to maintain a strong presence in Anguilla’s community.

What it is:

Unpredictability is the most predictable phenomenon in daily life; accordingly, emergencies arise without notice. EMRs are one of the critical human resources established to combat and mitigate the chaos in crisis. As the context of an emergency is variable, EMRs do not only provide care on an ambulance, but at a multiplicity of settings.


Implementing EMR training on Anguilla improves our community response as volunteers acquire advanced life-saving skills. Moreover, having more skilled personnel on the island, fosters community resilience.

Once completed the volunteers will be equipped with knowledge and life saving skills to support community events, disasters and even family and friends gatherings.

On ways you can contribute to the work of ARC please visit our website www.redcross.ai or call 264 497 0406.

“Saving lives, changing minds”

Edited by : Mervette Bryan and Jiva Niles