September 4, 2019

Press release – Welcome to the new ARC Director


The Anguilla Red Cross is delighted to welcome our new Director, Mr. Antonio Paparo to the Anguilla Red Cross team. Mr. Paparo has worked in and led International Humanitarian organizations across Europe, East Asia and the Caribbean for the past 23 years. As the Head of Delegation on the French Red Cross teams in both Mauritania and the Solomon Islands he managed up 74 National Staff and expats.

Closer to home, Mr. Paparo worked in Haiti for 18 Months, from February 2011 to August 2012, with Islamic Relief France as the Country Programs Coordinator. In Haiti his team managed 9 Projects including the UNICEF+Centre de Crise Francaise: Child Protection and Food Security Programme, the UNICEF+French Embassy+Islamic Relief Netherlands: Child Protection and Income Generating Activities Programmes and the UNDP: Livelihood and Food Security Programme.

Mr. Paparo’s International Humanitarian Certifications are complimented by a Masters in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, with a specialization in Organizational Development, Behaviour and Design; Change Management, Personnel Management, Structures Analysis and Intervention. He wrote his final thesis paper on “Contingency Approach on Organizational Design for Non Profit Organization”.

Fluent in English and French with the ability to converse in both Spanish and Italian, Mr. Paparo’s global experience and diverse skillset make him a welcomed addition to the Anguilla Red Cross Team.