Applications are invited for suitable qualified persons to fill the post of Director of the Anguilla Red Cross (ARC), a Branch of the British Red Cross (BRC)


The Director is to be the primary representative of the Anguilla Red Cross on island and regionally, coordinating all activities and promoting the work of the organization. The Director will lead and manage the development, delivery and sustainability of programmes within the organisation’s overall strategic framework.


The Anguilla Red Cross on December 10, 2022, held its Red Affair event at Aurora Anguilla Resort and Golf Club, the first since the impact of COVID-19. The chairperson, Sabrina Boodram, extended a warm welcome to those in attendance. The prestigious affair included a fashion show, auction, giveaways and dinner. The Director, Latoya Hobbs, generously thanked and recognized all the volunteers, supporters and sponsors for their contributions and commitment to the event including: RoyalTs Band, Anguilla Red Cross, Malliouhana Resort, Sunset Homes, Cap Juluca, Belmond Hotel, Blanchards,  R&R Tackling Enterprise, Aurora Anguilla Resort and Golf Club, Sunset Homes, Grands Vins de France, Jamal Gumbs, Anguilla Retreat, Jepun Bali, Sharky’s, Sri Balinese Spa, Turtle Nest, Anguilla Red Cross: Nigel Singh, Trans Anguilla Airways, Harvey & Millie Tanton,

There were four persons who were nominated for the Ruby V Carter Volunteer of the Year: Kurlida Richardson Howe, Maureen Rose, Cicely Hodge, and Bernice Gumbs. Kurlida Richardson Howe who contributed over 124 hours was presented the Ruby V Carter Volunteer of the year award, 2022, for her dedication and persistence toward assisting and bettering the organization in many areas. The Doreen James Humanitarian of the Year award attracted nominations for Kurlida Richardson Howe, Breanna Webster, Maureen Rose and Brittany Christopher. Though this year was deemed quite competitive in the selection for this award, in the end, the Doreen James Humanitarian of the Year award, 2022 was presented to Brittany Christopher who offered support in an area (Communications Development) of the branch that was missing for years. The Outstanding Volunteer Service Award were presented to Trevor Queeley, Peter Quinn and Frank Cannon who were recognized for their outstanding dedicated contribution.

The event also sought to recognize and honor the determination, commitment and ingenuity of those who have actively served over the years, who were awarded their Milestone 10-15 and 20 years recognition award pins including Sabrina Boodram, Louis Bryan, Hyacinth Crawford, Lydia (Pat) Dasent, Rayana Dowden, Rodwell Grant, Neil Gumbs, Mary (Susan) Harrigan, Agnita Hodge, Susan Hodge, Brittany Jeffers, Trevor Queeley, Joan Mcleod, Peter Quinn, Altagracia Richardson, Shakaro Richardson, Jennyville Smith, Israel Villegas Benjamin and Ricky Rouphine. The Anguilla Red Cross continues to express gratitude to all volunteers who expend their time and efforts and calls on others to join the team as it reimagines the organization as it serves the communities of Anguilla. To view some of the captured moments for the, please click here.

Government Officials and their gusts
Kurlida Howe, (L) Volunteer of the Year 2022
Donors and supporters of the event

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The Anguilla Red Cross (ARC) invites you to join us in officially welcoming our new Administrative Assistant and Boutique Coordinator, Mrs. Kurlida Howe. Kurlida emerged as the most successful candidate after a search for a suitable candidate that possesses qualifications in both roles. A longstanding member and volunteer Kurlida embody the values of the Anguilla Red Cross, she served in various capacities including but not limited to, Volunteer Coordinator, Disaster Response Volunteer, Event First Aid volunteer and Youth Coordinator.

Kurlida Howe

Give her your support as she helps to re-imagine the Anguilla Red Cross.

The Anguilla Red Cross sought to find out the priority needs of its communities by conducting a Needs Assessment with a cross-section of the population of Anguilla. 228 people took part in the survey, out of a target of 397. The survey was launched 06.04.2022 and closed 31.08.2022. The findings help inform four priority program areas that will be taken forwards, as detailed in the strategy 2021-2025.


1) Food security and access to clean water are shown to be priority needs for the households of survey respondents with food security and youth programs showing as the key priorities for communities as a whole.

2) There is a clear need for ARC to raise its profile in the community to be more visible and offer more direct support to the community through community-based programming.

3) The ARC and government should be leading the way in addressing the identified needs.

4) Youth and older people are identified as the target beneficiary groups.

During the period of August 15 – 19, 2022, the staff and volunteers of the ARC were visited by the Fae Krakowska and Hanna of the British Red Cross August 22 – 26, 2022, Kevin Studds and Sarah Clayton joined ARC and met with several members, attended strategy meetings, bar hopping activity as well as participated in the National Relief Distribution Drill, which involved national key stakeholders. Mr. Studds and Ms. Clayton also met with HE Governor. (Click here to read more)

Press Release

The Anguilla Red Cross celebrates World Red Crossand Red Crescent Day. The Anguilla Red Cross joins with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent movement to celebrate International Red Cross Day on the 8th May 2022 under the theme Kindness: #BeHumanKind. This day is observed annually throughout the world since 1948 and also celebrate the birth anniversary of the movement’s founder and winner of the first Nobel Peace Prize, Jean-Henri Dunant.

In these unprecedented times where we are all learning to cope with Covid 19, unparalleled wars and other major disasters worldwide, it is critical for us to remember to demonstrate the power of kindness in everything that we do. As we are reminded daily of our humanity it is critical that we all strive to #BeHumanKind. As an organisation therefore, we are especially proud to recognise the work of our volunteers, stakeholders and partners who continue to remain relevant and show acts of kindness in this ever-changing world.

This year in observance of this day the Anguilla Red Cross will be relaunching its Community Engagement Initiative by hosting a month of Community activities to help to spread the power of kindness.

On the 7th of May 2022 we will be hosting our Community Fair at the South Hill Ball Field. The Fair will offer free blood pressure testing, launch our Blood Donation Drive, Community Raffle and showcase the amazing styles available at our RC Boutique. The fair will commence at 9am and end at 3pm. All are invited to join us for this fun filled day. On the 10th of May 2022 at 4pm in collaboration with the Commonwealth Committee we will be hosting a Run for Red Queen’s Baton Relay and 5 k Run. The run will start and end at the People’s Market square. We are offering a special concession for school children. All other individuals are invited to register to participate. The cost of the registration is US$25.

On the 20th of May 2022 our volunteers will be visiting all schools (Primary and High School) to launch our Being Aware and Ready Campaign (BAR Hopping) to help students better prepare to respond to disasters.

Our final activity will be held on the 28th of May 2022 in collaboration with the Anguilla National Trust. We will be engaging with our volunteers in a Hike, Beach Clean-up, and Funday from the East End Pond to the Salt Pond.

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to all our volunteers who continue to answer the call for “Volunteerism” providing hope and dignity amid despair. We are elated to be united in the spirit of humanity to pay human kindness forward; answer the humanitarian call in support of our fundamental principles and solidify our commitment to ensuring that we remain committed and unified as we offer assistance to the most vulnerable within our society.

As part of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Day we salute every person who continues to make the idea of the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement in Anguilla and around the globe a reality. We are committed to ensuring that no vulnerable person is left behind. We applaud all our volunteers who selflessly serve humanity and we sound the alarm of solidarity and unity as we celebrate this day. Happy Red Cross and Red Crescent Day!

We invite you to join in this fight for humanity.

Come Volunteer with the Anguilla Red Cross. #BeHumanKind

“Everyone can, in one way or another, each in their sphere and according to their strength, contribute to some extent to this good work.”

Jean-Henri Dunant

Location: Magic City
Time: 6:30pm
Dress: Semi-Formal

Gold Trohpy

ARC’s 2020 Awards Dinner

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Awards 2020

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The Anguilla Red Cross is delighted to welcome our new Director, Mr. Antonio Paparo to the Anguilla Red Cross team. Mr. Paparo has worked in and led International Humanitarian organizations across Europe, East Asia and the Caribbean for the past 23 years. As the Head of Delegation on the French Red Cross teams in both Mauritania and the Solomon Islands he managed up 74 National Staff and expats.

Closer to home, Mr. Paparo worked in Haiti for 18 Months, from February 2011 to August 2012, with Islamic Relief France as the Country Programs Coordinator. In Haiti his team managed 9 Projects including the UNICEF+Centre de Crise Francaise: Child Protection and Food Security Programme, the UNICEF+French Embassy+Islamic Relief Netherlands: Child Protection and Income Generating Activities Programmes and the UNDP: Livelihood and Food Security Programme.

Mr. Paparo’s International Humanitarian Certifications are complimented by a Masters in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, with a specialization in Organizational Development, Behaviour and Design; Change Management, Personnel Management, Structures Analysis and Intervention. He wrote his final thesis paper on “Contingency Approach on Organizational Design for Non Profit Organization”.

Fluent in English and French with the ability to converse in both Spanish and Italian, Mr. Paparo’s global experience and diverse skillset make him a welcomed addition to the Anguilla Red Cross Team.